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Minskoff Theatre New York

The Minskoff Theatre bears the name of a rich real state family in New York, and although it´s one of the best known ones, it´s not one of the oldest, because it´s only been open since the mid-70s. It says a lot about New York´s nightlife and its high cultural level (especially regarding theatre and music) that a business family dedicated to other activities decides to invest in something unrelated and so risky such as a theatre on Broadway.


Nowadays, they´ve been showing the super-production of the ´Lion King´ for many seasons, where there´s never a lack of any dressing details or staging and it doesn´t hold back in scenography. These types of shows, due to the reception they get from foreigners and locals, are usually represented night after night uninterruptedly and, in some cases, for decades. The Minskoff Theatre also has its particular list of hits, because the legendary Charles Aznavour performed on its stage.


Remember that the tickets for the theatre on Broadway can be bought online and don´t forget to book some of the excellent apartments in New York in advance, and if it´s with a view to the legendary bridge, all the better. We´ll wait for you here for your thoughts on the trip.