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Kunstraum Richard Sorge Berlin

Kunstraum Richard Sorge is an emerging art gallery in the centre of Berlin. Its name and it´s aim have a curious historical and literary reference, which has the patronymic of a spy who allegedly saved the Western world from the barbarities of the Nazis. This real character inspired, many years later, the well-known character James Bond from the novels of Ian Fleming, although the adventures of Agent 007 at Her Majesty´s service are better known in different film versions.

And with all of these historical and cultural references about the past 20th century, Kunstraum Richard Sorge opened, also in an attempt to save the world (or at least redeem it) through contemporary artistic expressions. It pays special attention to the ways of expression of kinetics (movements), whether it´s through the body or in video support, without disdaining underground, border-crossing or alternative identity manifestations. If you can´t take any work back to your apartments in Berlin it would be very interesting to go into these artistic proposals that don´t scorn any other language, including sexuality. Although the majority of the artists are German and Central European, at Richard Sorge they exhibit creators from around the world, from Korea, to New Zealand and even Japan.