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Lala Berlin

When a place rises into a cultural and artistic centre, at the same time that painters, architects, sculptors and writers thrive, there´s also an explosion of creators form other arts (incorrectly labelled ´smaller arts´), such as interior design, jewelry and fashion.


This is what´s currently happening in Berlin. The neuralgic centre of Europe congregates local designes who export their ideas to the world.


Lala Berlin is one of those styling centres which has to be taken into account when you visit the German capital.


On its neat website and in its ´physical´ space on Mulackstraße, it offers contemporary, vaporous, light, city designs for a more urban, fresh and slightly bohemian woman.


The clothes of this Berlin firm have been the object of attention of emblematic magazines of this field such as Vogue or Vanity Fair, so we are presenting a classic here.


If you´re thinking of travelling to Europe´s central city, just after you check out the available apartments in Berlin we recommend that you check out these magnificent local styling shops.


The best thing to do is go there with semi-empty suitcases and fill them up in the German capital. We will wait here for you, behind the screen, and your comments on your shopping.