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La Zucca

Once that they took pizza off the vegetarian meal options, finding a restaurant of that style in Venice is really complicated and, despite La Zucca not being completely dedicated to that type of dishes, it´s ideal for those who love vegetables because it´s one of the few that has its own vegetable garden where they grow what they use.


La Zucca is a small restaurant with only two atmospheres and a capacity for 30 or 35 people, although this number rises when the weather is good because the organization of the place puts tables outside the door. The decoration is very homely and cozy, ideal to relax and enjoy the best meal with your friends or partner.


The decoration is wood-based with tables, chairs and wines in sight so you can choose them to enjoy and exploit the flavours of your meal.


Zucca is managed by two people that take turns in cooking and they´re in charge of changing the menu, which isn´t very extensive because all the meals are homemade from one day to the other with different and exquisite options.


This beautiful place is one of the best restaurants in the city and you can rent apartments in Venice to enjoy this exquisite food.