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Caffé Quadri Venice

Caffé Quadri is proud to be the oldest public café in the world. Evenings under the full moon light in St Marco´s Square in Venice.

Molocinque Venice

Moloncique is a multifunctional space in Venice: club by night and family restaurant by day.

Devils Forest Pub Venice

The Devils Forest Pub, is the oldest in Venice. Good atmosphere, cocktails and fast food.

Pizza Express in Venice

Pizza-Express is the first pizzeria in Venice which offers the possibility of making internet orders!

Naranzaria Restaurant Venice

Naranzaria is an important Venetian restaurant located on a corner of the Grand Canal where you can sample some of the best Oriental dishes like sushi.

Acqua Pazza Restaurant Venice

Acqua Pazza is one of Venice´s most beautiful restaurants and enjoying its excellent dishes will be a wonderful experience for all its clients.

Fiaschetteria Toscana Venice

Fiaschetteria Toscana is a restaurant which has been in Venice for many years and visiting it is a synonym of tradition.

Harry´s Bar Venice

Harry´s Bar is a place that always attracted local and international clientele as well as famous figures. Even Hemingway had a few drinks there.

Restaurant Antico Dolo Venice

Antico Dolo is one of the most important restaurants because it´s in one of the oldest places in Venice and, also, for its innovative dishes.

Ristorante Cantina Canaletto Venice

Cantina Canaletto is close to San Marco Square and it´s well known for having two sections: a calm lounge to dine in and a wine bar to go with friends.