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Lafayette Galleries

The Lafayette Galleries are the world´s most famous fashion galleries and they´re renowned worldwide for their continuous novelties in the world of fashion.


Located on Rue Lafayette and very close to the Garnier Opera and other monuments in the city, the galleries are an ideal stop for all fashion fanatics. There are men´s clothes brands, women´s, children´s and adolescent´s, an one can find all styles in one same place. There are also the latest trends on shoes, wallets, jewelry, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics.


But apart from all of this, the building of Lafayette Galleries is of a unique beauty and its architecture is worthy of being admired.


These galleries are some of the most luxurious in the world and in which every fashion designer would like to be. Although it´s the tourists who fill its corridors every year, since over 25 million people visit it every year. And it´s all possible thanks to the extensive surface of 70 thousand sq metres that the place has.


If you had thought of visiting Paris and want to buy that special piece of clothing, don´t forget to visit Lafayette Galleries to choose what you like the most.


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