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Les Quatre Temps

Paris is probably one of the most fashionable and glamourous cities in the world. Every year, millions of people walk its streets dressed in the latest fashion and one of the places that they go to discover the latest trends is, undoubtedly, Les Quatre Temps, one of the city´s biggest shopping centres.


While many tourists decide to visit the galleries in the Champs Elysées and see its windows, the locals go to Les Quatre Temps do do their shopping. The reason is pretty obvious, they get a large quantity of brands in its hundreds of shops and a much reduced price that you can find them in the tourist places.


The strong point of Les Quatre Temps is, undoubtedly, the clothes shops where you can find the most important national and international brands but, as it couldn´t be any other way, there are also dozens of restaurants that go from fast food to really elegant places where they serve regional food.


Les Quatre Temps is in the district of La Défense where you can find the most commercial part of the city and, for that reason, getting to the place will be very simple.


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