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Legoland Berlin

Legos are the toys with the greatest history in the world. Not only do they appeal to children who build different things but also to adults for that nostalgia which takes them back to when they were children. Around the world we can find different Legolands, theme parks that you can go with the whole family and have a lot of fun.

The park in Berlin has different attractions such as Lego Factory, Lego Studios, Dragon Quest, Jungle Adventure, Miniland and many others which will allow their visitors to have a great, fun time and, also, get to know the history of these toys.

The place also has restaurants and cafés where the parents can relax and spend a quiet time while the kids have fun playing and running around the park. Also, they do birthday parties and there are offers all year long, so going there won´t be too expensive.

All those who want to visit Legoland, just have to rent apartments in Berlin and enjoy, as well as this park, its places full of history such as the museums, monuments and open air places in a city full of beauty.