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Lhardy is another of the typical restaurants of Madrid. Founded in 1839 and situated in the centre of the city, it constitutes one of the favourite places for both locals and tourists.


The name of the place is in the honour of the first owner: Emilio Huguenin Lhardy, a French food gourmet, who enjoyed good food and Spanish cuisine.


Being one of the oldest restaurants in Madrid it makes it not only a culinary attraction but a tourist one too. On the restaurant´s webpage, one can find the address, how to get there, the timetables and the most important thing of all: the menu.


The client can choose among the best dishes from Madrid and classic Italian pasta or Argentinian meat. The atmosphere of the place is ideal in order to enjoy a nice, relaxing meal. The restaurant has different rooms: The Japanese, White and Gayarre among others, each with its own unique style.


There´s also a wide variety of wines to accompany your exquisite dishes and the chef will make special suggestions to the clients according to the time of year.


If you want to eat well, get Madrid accommodation and visit Lhardy, one of the oldest restaurants in the Spanish capital, that has been giving clients the best service since the 19th century.