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La Barraca

Through food you can also get to know a culture and for that reason, many tourists, at the time of walking through a city, not only do they go to the most important museums but also to the most important restaurants. La Barraca is a traditional Spanish dining room which offers traditional food from the country.


In the restaurant you will spend approximately 40 euros which makes it neither an expensive place or a cheap place.


If we´re talking about traditional food we can´t not talk about paella and La Barraca is famous in the Spanish capital for being one of the best places that prepares this dish.


It was founded in 1935 and, according to many critics, it´s the best place to eat classic Valencian rice dishes and Mediterranean foods from other regions of Spain.


In La Barraca you can get served up to 10 different types of rice that can be mixed with meat, vegetables, seafood and more.


For this reason if you like traditional food, La Barraca is one of the best places that you can visit in the city. You can rent Madrid accommodation and enjoy the best dishes.