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Live music in Barcelona: Gràcia district

It´s obvious that one of the best nighttime plans that exist in this world is to go out in the city looking for live music. Those who feel the music deeply can´t be fed only with tinned music, and whether it´s jazz, pop, rock or indie, a gig always cheers us up.

Live Music Barcelona


If you´re looking for places to have a drink while you listen to live music in Barcelona, we´re going to point out some places where you´ll definitely have a good time. More specifically we´re going to focus on the Gràcia district. Passeig de Gràcia is undoubtedly one of the best places in Barcelona to move around. There´s a lot of activity and it´s an avenue that´s well lit up and full of amazing architectural wonders by Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner, classed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

However, also, at night, the music that comes out of the bars and cafés will captivate us. This is the case of Black Café, located on Rabassa 39. Inside you can listen to some jazz or blues while you drink one of the many cocktails that they have on their menu. The caipirinha is excellent and the café is set up like a typical San Francisco bar. Also, the prices are excellent.

Another good example is Puku Café – Food and Music – on Guilleries 10. It´s a lively place where you can eat some original tapas and also enjoy the music. On its menu they have a cheese platter, nachos, a large variety of wines, sandwiches, escalivada and chocolate desserts that you can´t miss out on. The bar is very popular and cozy. Regarding the music that they play, they usually play electronic music, indie and sometimes some pop.

A definite hit that you can find on Ramón y Cajal 80 is the musical bar Heliogàbal. It has an extensive webpage where you can check out its interesting programme and videos. Out of the three that we´ve pointed out until now, it seems like this one is the one that strives the most to become a musical venue. However, the tickets for their concerts cost 6-7 euros. Heliogàbal is also a cultural association, that´s why you can find all sorts of music there, as well as jazz sessions, poetry readings, stand-up comedy and exhibitions and, in the month of August, FestiGàbal. Concerts are usually intimate and with reduced numbers, so there is a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy the music and a few drinks.

To finish we will take you to El Coleccionista, on Torrent de les Flores 46. It´s a perfect place for rock lovers, where you can listen to good music while you have some drinks and enjoy a weekly live performance on a small stage. It has a dancefloor and admission is free. Drinks cost around about 3 euros in any of its two bars.

Perhaps now you have an idea of the hefty musical activity that you can find in the district of Gràcia, which is just a sample of what you can find in the rest of the city of Barcelona.