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Lombardi´s Pizza

Lombardi´s Pizza was the first pizzeria that opened in the United States and for that it has a unique historical and cultural value for all Americans. Founded in 1897, in 1905 the city of New York registered this family-run pizzeria and at that moment, it became the first pizzeria in the country.


The story of this place is, like many others in the city. An Italian immigrant arrived in New York with the expectancies of “doing America” and that´s how he started his business. The only thing he knew how to make was pizza and he did just that, without thinking that he would be the founder of pizza in the United States of America.


Over 100 years have passed since its foundation back in 1897, but today the pizzas are still of excellent quality and a unique flavour. Day to day the citizens of the Big Apple choose to eat this pizza and thousands of tourists try it to taste the real flavour of American pizza.


Rent apartments in New york and go out and eat Lombardi´s pizza, which will surely make the list of your top foods in the worl.