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Sei Strambio Trattoria in Milan

Are you on a vacation but do not want to leave your apartments in Milan to go get something to eat? Do you want to taste authentic Italian pizza and not move away from home? Do not call those terrible corporate company´s that will deliver a plastic tasting pizza, at least this time, try the amazing cuisine from a pizzeria that elaborates its recipes with love, decades of experience and – above all – cooking them with wood in an traditional Italian pizza oven. In Strambi Sei (a pizzeria which takes its name directly from the address where they are located at) you will find all the most popular pizzas in Italy but also experiments by the chef cooking them at that moment, if you wish, you can request ingredients to be added or changed on your pizza  They will be more than happy to offer a quality service. The opening hours are from 12hs until  15hs and  from 18hs30 to 22hs. Closing day is Saturday. You can order food delivered atn you at home or you can take a walk to the pizzeria to see how its prepared for you and take it home or eat it on site, which incidentally is very nice. As you prefer.

Buon Appetito!