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M83 in Helsinki

M83 is one of the electronic bands with the highest status in the world of music. Led by Anthony Gonzalez, who is the thinking head behind the whole project. The band was formed in 2001 and now has no less than 6 CDs to date.
But even though Anthony Gonzalez is in charge of making decisions, Yann Gonzalez , Morgan Kibby, Loic Maurin and Jordan Lawlor are also part of the formation. The group is called M83 because it refers to the spiral galaxy Messier 83. The band´s music is mostly led by electro pop sounds, but also has some shoegazing. Shoegazing is a subgenre of alternative rock that was born in Britain that has in its core the use of many effects pedals.

It all started with a debut album of the same name as the group in 2001 and 10 years later, the band released “Hurrry Up, We´re Dreaming” that was considered one of the best albums of 2011 obtaining an overwhelming success. M83 is currently touring around the world taking songs like “Midnight City,” “Une Histoire Raconte-Moi” and “When Will You Come Home?” among others to all their fans

After six albums M83 has become one of the  music world´s most famous and most respected electronic formations. Their sound are heard in every club and has been remixed by some of the most important and most renowned DJ´s that exist

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Tavastia: Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

This time the group will do a show in Finland. The show will be held at Tavastia on February 27 and for that reason, if you want to hear and witness an excellent gig all you have to do is to rent apartments in Helsinki and, besides enjoying good music, also visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.