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Madame Baguette Rome

Madame Baguette is a reference of good taste in the food circuit in Rome.

From this French creation, made with water, flour, yeast and salt, today universalized for its flavour and versatility, they´ve created the best fast food sandwiches, but with charm and plenty of creativity.

The grace of this restaurant is that with a simple element such as the baguette, it manages to achieve delicate and surprising flavours which make people want to come back. But not only does the baguette grace the table, there´s also the croissant and the new Italian cuisine food, which is a mix of old flavours with new aesthetics and with smaller portions.

The variety of baguette sandwiches is enormous and its prices range from 2.50 euros to 6.30 euros. The new cuisine salads can be chosen from between 5 and 6 euros and they´re prepared with the best vegetables and farm products. The croissants with different fillings cost from 1 to 4 euros.

Located on Via Boncompagni 81, it gives you the chance to take your baguette to wherever you want so you can enjoy your delicious sandwich elsewhere.

It´s a good idea, if you´re thinking about coming and relaxing a few days in wonderful apartments in Rome that if you want to have a relaxing night and have a romantic and different sort of dinner, to come to Madame Baguette, who will be your best ally.