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Galleria and Corso Vittorio Emanuele

The street in Milan called Vittorio Emanuele is famous because in it you can buy all types of products that you can think of because there, you can also find the Galleria with the same name. From the best and most exquisite brands to local products and more affordable ones.
If you want to go out shopping in the capital of fashion, go out and see Corso Vittorio Emanuele.
This street is sometimes works as a pedestrian street (without any cars) and that allows the shoppers to be more comfortable and be able to walk from one shop to another without any preoccupation. Also, it´s a wide and famous street in the city of Milan because it communicated the Piazza Duomo, where the Cathedral is, and the Piazza Babila.
What´s sold the most in this street are fashion products: wallers, shoes, clothes, jewelry and other accessories, and that´s why it´s the tourist´s favourite place for buying clothes made in Italy to take home.
Also, the perpendicular streets to the Corso Vittorio Emanuele have fashion shops, so one can find what they´re looking for. As well, in a shop you can find many other smaller ones. It´s a real shopping laberynth and one has to know where to go.
But it´s not all fashion, at night, the Corso Vittorio Emanuele transforms itself into the social centre of the city and people go out there at night to have fun.


If you too want to buy something special in the city, rent apartments in Milan and go out on the Vittorio Emanuele street, you´ll surely find what you´ve been looking for.