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Milan Shopping Tours

OK, I´ll admit that this entry here today is a whim suitable only for those with a hefty wallet. But, even if your economy doesn´t allow you buy this or that clothing piece, one can dream. And today is that day. What is this? Well, no less than a guided tour around the best shopping areas in Milan. The creators of this initiative just do this, why do anything else? This northern Italian city is paradise for all shopping addicts, because its exclusive shops (the best in the world) aren´t just in the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II but spread around the city like a show room, famous private designer workshops and designer shops. Because, at times, they´re hard to find and you need a lot of time, Milan Shopping Tour solves all of these problems. And there´s no walking involved, you get around in a limo!

If you´ve arrived to your apartments in Milan and you find that you have nothing to wear, go out on the street, alone or with a guide, because you will definitely find that essential piece of clothing for your wardrobe.