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Molocinque Venice

Even the promoters of this original fun place in Venice ask themselves, “what is Molocinque? Is it a cultural centre, a restaurant, a bar, a club or a meeting and business place?” Well, it´s none of those things and it´s all of them at once, because this place works as a bar and restaurant by day and as a pub and club by night. When the sun is on the horizon, we see, in its comfy armchairs (decorated like if they were from a bourgeois cosmopolitan town), families with children attracted by the fame of its exquisite traditional cuisine. However, when night falls, the heavy night-timers can go back to Molocinque, because the place becomes a fun pub and club. Of course, Molocinque is a unique idea, not only in Venice but also around any Western city. And this is possible because the promoters of this constructive initiative have enabled different spaces that adapt to each occasion. And if all of this wasn´t enough, they also organize any festive event that you ask them to, whether it´s at night or during the day. With Molocinque not even the laziest ones will have an excuse to stay in their apartments in Venice even though some of them are so good that you won´t want to leave them.