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Naranzaria Restaurant Venice

Venice is a unique city because the canals that is possesses turn it into a special place and, unlike the rest, you can´t compare it with any other city. For centuries this city was a place of exchange between the east and the west and Rialto was the city centre where you could enjoy flavours, aromas, people and cultures.


This is where Naranzaria is located, which is an inn and also a famous restaurant which is located in an old warehouse where, previously, they used to keep fruit. Today it´s on one of the corners of the Grand Canal and it´s a place of cultural diversity where you can enjoy sushi, classic Mediterranean food, different types of salamis and traditional Italian dishes like pizza or pasta.


Without doubt, this is a place where they tried to maintain the cultural diversity that there used to be and, in one way or another, they ended up doing so because those who go to Naranzaria will be able to choose from different delicacies from different cultures in a completely relaxed place, perfect to visit with friends or family or your partner.


If you want to visit this entertaining place located in one of the city´s most important canals, you can rent apartments in Venice