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Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

Vittorio Emanuele II was the first king of unified Italy and for that they raised this monument in his honour. Located in the Piazza Venezia, the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II is of huge dimensions and a very clear colour and, for that, it stands out from the rest of the city full of ruins that have a darker colour.


The building was designed by Giuseppe Sacconi and it started being built in 1895. In the centre of the monument there´s the stature of Rome surrounded by the Triumph of the Patriot Love and the Triumph of Work. Underneath the great statue there´s a tomb, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. And the marble stairs that surround the monument lead to another statue, in this case the one of the very own Vittorio Emanuele II, cut in bronze.


The whole monument has a meaning in itself about war heroes. But the most important thing is that, inside the monument, there is the Institute for the History of Resurgance that, despite not being very popular, it does have a lot of cultural and historical value for the city.


If you rented apartments in Rome and you want to go and see its history, don´t forget to visit this monument which is a patriotic symbol of the city and of the whole Italian nation.