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Torre dell´Orlogio

The Torre dell´Orlogio, or Clock Tower, is located in the main square in Venice, the Piazza San Marco, and it´s the most famous clock in the city of the gondolas.


The building was constructed at the end of the 15th century and in the tower we can see the richness of the city at that time.


What can also be observed on the wall of the tower is the Lion of San Marco which is above the clock, in the upper floors, and it´s a sculpture that stands out from the flat wall and it´s located over a dark background which makes it stand out even more.


At the tip of the tower, next to the bell, there are two figures, “I Mori” (the moors), sculpted in bronze, who are the ones that ring the bells every hour.


The building, like the working mechanism of the clock, was restored and remodeled with the passing of time. They added terraces and they improved the clock itself and today, it all works to perfection in Venice´s big square.


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