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New York in Pictures: Discover the City of Your Dreams

New York is the dream destination of many. More than one of us have pictured ourselves walking down its streets like the protagonist of a movie or TV soap, getting a hot dog from a street stand, or stopping a cab as we call out “TAXI!”.

It’s true. New York will have you falling in love with it and you’ll be hooked. Seeing a few images of this city’s greatness will suffice to have you tripping over yourself to pack your suitcase and book the first cheap flight and affordable Manhattan apartment. Who’s in?

The Big Apple


The Big Apple stuns at first, but you’ll quickly feel right at home, and discover that it’s easy to orient yourself.

The Statue of Liberty


This is a mandatory visit. Although it’s not as large as some imagine, it is still impressive and majestic.



A Brooklyn sunset: the #OnlyBefrom moment you can’t miss out on.



Williamsburg has a special charm. The presence of Orthodox Jews will make you feel like in the backdrop to a movie, and it will transport you in time and space.

The Bronx


The Bronx and its street art will take your breath away. We recommend a guided tour so you don’t miss out on anything. There are several different types and in all languages.



Broadway boasts over 19 theaters with shows running all year round. Leaving New York without having watched one of them is just unforgivable.

Fifth Avenue


The Fifth Avenue and its surroundings are jam-packed with boutiques and department stores where the best-known brands compete to for clients’ attention.  An ode to modern consumerism split into hundreds of truly irresistible shop windows.

Central Park


Central Park, Manhattan’s green lung, harbors true wonders in its more than 30000m2 surface area. Ponds, sculptures, and various activities await you.

Gospel in Harlem


Traditional gospel masses in the heart of Harlem are known for moving visitors and locals alike. A truly divine experience! Check out the schedules, as it’s best to get there with plenty of time to get seats.

The Brooklyn Bridge


The Brooklyn Bridge can be crossed in a number of ways: on foot, by bike, by bus, subway… Legend has it that if you cross it on foot, you’ll be sure to return to New York one day.

Its Skyline


The most impressive thing about Manhattan is, without a doubt, its amazing skyline- center of all stares and emblem of the city. Wherever you go, your eyes (and camera) will be looking out for it.



In the bustle of Chinatown you’ll find almost anything: clothes, food, all types of gadgets, and of course, lots of Asians.

Fire Escapes


Another image that will look familiar thanks to movies and TV is that of the fire escapes traveling down the facades of all residential buildings.

Taxi Cabs


New York’s cabs are not as expensive as one might think, but don’t forget that the right thing to do is to always tip between 10% and el 15% of the total charge. The harder part will be to get one to stop!