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City Sights New York

City Sights

The best way to ´get an idea´ of the places of interest in a city the size of New York is to hire a guided tour. If, also, the company that organizes it can offer us all types of tour by all possible means (helicopter, double decker open-top bus, by foot, by car… ) you don´t have to think twice about it. This is the case of City Sights NY, that offers such as exhaustive variety of guided tours for all types of public and occasions imaginable that, the best thing to do is to visit their website that we´ve duly pointed out on the right-hand column. The company also offers guided tours that are especially designed for students, private bus service if you have to go to a party or an event, VIP tours for few people or the ones chosen by the traveller, transfer to Broadway shows, transfers to close-by cities such as Boston and a very long etcetera that we can´t fit in here. So, the advice is the same as always, simple: book apartments in New York and the tour or tours that you like the most, the flights and the tickets to the Broadway shows (we´ve put some on this guide) and go and enjoy this impressive city.