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Touring New York City’s Markets

New York City is often synonymous with shopping. Its Fifth Avenue is one of the busiest streets on the Planet and one of the world’s epicenters for shopping. However, there is life beyond 5th Avenue and we are going to prove it. If you want to do some shopping in New York without feeling like a tourist, take good note of these tips. Let’s go shop around the city’s markets!


Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

With its nearly 200 stands, this little flea market on 39th Street, between 9th and 10th Avenue, is a world upon itself of second hand baseball globes, license plates from every state, clothes… and all that at very reasonable prices considering New York. Who doesn’t want to take home a vintage New York City souvenir?

Chelsea Market

This market on Ninth Avenue is one of the trendiest places in town and a mandatory visit for all urban market lovers. Located at the former Nabisco factory where Oreo cookies were invented, it is the perfect place to buy fresh produce and have lunch or dinner.  Among the vast gastronomic diversity on offer there is Italian food, Sushi, Tacos, organic food and many other succulent options. Bon appétit!

Soho Antique Fair and Collectibles Market

At the heart of the hipsterest district in town, between Broadway and Grand Street, this New York market is on a par with Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. Its 100 stands hold anything and everything from affordable antiques to collector’s items. Moreover, this market is the perfect excuse to explore the streets of Soho and discover its cafes, restaurants and unique bookstores. Quintessential!

Union Square Greenmarket

Although the US might not be the textbook example of healthy eating, worry not, New York City offers enough alternatives to satisfy even the most organic palates. At the Union Square Monday Greenmarket you’ll find over 100 stands selling organic and artisanal produce, as well as plants, flowers, and even wine or maple syrup right in the middle of Manhattan. Don’t miss it!

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Brooklyn Flea

New York is not just Manhattan, and despite all the Hollywood propaganda to the contrary, Brooklyn is one of those neighborhoods worth keeping in mind. You can’t leave the city without taking the mandatory picture with Brooklyn Bridge as backdrop, or without visiting Dumbo, one of the most indie districts in the world, and of course there is Brooklyn Flea. Founded in 2008, this open air flea market goes up at Fort Greene every Saturday or at Williamsburg on Sundays. Among its 130 stands you’ll find furniture, vintage clothing, antiques, the artwork of local artists, and also fresh produce. Not to be missed!

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