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L´Oceanografic is a giant place that finds itself located inside the complex of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, where they present different attractions and museums. The place invites the visitor to go on a journey around the most important seas and different oceans from around the world.


At the place, there are more than 45 thousand examples of more than 500 different marine species among which we can find various sharks, belugas, morses, marine lions, penguins and different styles of stingrays that live in the place that tries to represent the most extensive ecosystem in the planet.


The park is a large centre which is structured in ten different areas. The marinas represent the Mediterranean habitat, the Polar oceans (Arctic and Antarctic), islands, tropical seas, mild seas and the Red Sea among others.


Also, L´Oceanografic has an auditorium where you´ll be able to enjoy some of the performances by the dolphins and enjoy with the family, friends or with your partner. Also, to eat there are many spots with green spaces that are very extensive where you´ll be able to sit down and enjoy, as well as the attractions, a lovely sunny day.


You can get to know L´Oceanografic and not only learn about the seas and oceans from around the world but also enjoy a very large and beautiful place. For that, you can rent apartments in Valencia