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Vegetarian/Vegan Alternatives in Barcelona

In the bustling streets of Barcelona´s metropolitan city streets you´ll be sure to find a wide array of meats of all variations and sizes. In a city in love with its Jamon culture, it´s not always so evident that you´ll find meat-free options,

But alas! They never did say Barcelona was not a city full of surprises. Even in a city full of Jamon styled recipes and restaurants; you´ll be sure find both vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

Here we will give you a short list of 10 of our favorite restaurants with mouthwatering cuisine. They’re not ones to be missed!

teresa carles1

Instagram: @flaxandkale

Flax & Kale

A wonderfully stylish and gourmet, New York style, surprise you as walk through the door and have you staying for hours sort of place! Wow that was a mouthful! Here is a personal favorite of mine. You will find a most delicious range of vegetarian options available to satisfy even the most stubborn of taste buds. With an explosion to the taste buds, this is one to keep in mind. Flax and Kale whip up their own creations of milkshakes and health juices. You´ll be insane not to try! They also have a fish option available for those who wish to try.



An indian-style vegetarian choice. With a diverse range of foods, this spicetastic restaurant is a must try! There´s also gluten free options available.


Muy Mio

For a more relaxed and chilled out atmosphere, Muy Mio is the place to be. With a menu offering Mediterranean and even International inspired cuisine. You´ll have yourself coming back for more!


Surf House Barcelona

Just steps from the beach, this vegetarian shack style restaurant is perfect for those hot summer beach days! With an array of vegetarian dishes and seafood recipes, you´ll find a little something for everyone. Be sure to try this out!



Great service! Good food! And perfectly decorated to entice you… You´ll have yourself enchanted before you even see the menu. This restaurant will surely give you a wholesome experience and have you planned and ready for your next dinner date, before you even walk out the door the first time!


La Bascula

With vegetarian and vegan options, this place provides a wide range of foods suitable for all tastebuds. Try the eggplant Milanese or the curry couscous, or even the mama negra pie!



Good good, attentive staff and all good, mouthwatering food. Why would you not want to try Vegetalia! Don´t be surprised when a large portion heads your way!


Teresa Carles

With a range of excellent food and drinks, low cost and close the center. There is only one thing this will spell out – very satisfied customers. Need we say more? Go ahead and try one of the many creative recipes here at Teresa Carles.

teresa carles


Instagram: @flaxandkale


I assure, each and every dish here will have you craving for the next. We personally recommend the Tasting Menu. You won´t be disappointed. It will be delight and delight with this one!


The Dog is Hot

Famously known for their hotdogs, this restaurant isn´t necessarily a vegetarian restaurant alone. However, with a good range of vegetarian options, there is something for everyone! We suggest trying the Guaca Dog for a tastetastic hotdog alternative!


For a smaller snack option during your busy day, Maoz is also a great choice. With falafel and an assortment of spices, sauces, salads and mixes. You´ll just love the experience.


With such a diverse range of alternatives and substitutes, you could even convince your friends to have a meat free night every so often; as you go ahead and hit up a few of these tasty treats.

Our personal favorite Grab-and-Go item would be the luscious drinks served up in the New York Style Flax & Kale. With such a wonderful assortment of drinks that are so very ..very inviting with the colorful fusions that frame the entrance and of course, demand your gaze as soon as you walk through the door. The Chocoshake with cocoa, cashews and fresh milk is definitely a healthy alternative to a morning pick-me-up! Go ahead and try the many variations available.

I guarantee you will love this as much as we do! Pair this with their Acai Bowl and voila….Morning Brightened thrice fold!