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The Best Italian Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is a true paradise for gourmets. Whether you prefer traditional regional food  or trying all types of world cuisine, the Catalan capital has thousands of possibilities to offer: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, vegetarian and vegan, Latin, American and lots of high quality Italian restaurants. And we are not talking about Spanish or American chains serving pasta and pizza; we are talking about true Italian restaurants with chefs straight out of Italy ready to delight your taste buds.

And it’s a fact that everybody likes Italian food. If you are looking for a place to dine with friends, family, or planning romantic evening, here are some of the best Italian restaurants in Barcelona.


NAP – Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

NAP- italian restaurants in barcelona



Pizza is, without a doubt, one of the best loved foods in the world. Have you ever met anyone who didn’t love pizza?  We bet you haven’t. Many have tried to imitate it but we are convinced that there’s something unique about true Neapolitan pizza. There are several options when it comes to savoring this delicacy in Barcelona, but our favorite is Pizzeria NAP (Neapolitan Authentic Pizza) on number 30, Av. de Francesc Cambó, where you can delight in the true original recipe at a more than reasonable price: a Margherita will only set you back €5.50, and you’ll find they also offer a very convenient lunch menu. And if you’d rather be near the sea, try the new NAP Mar venue in the Barceloneta, 69 Carrer del Baluard.

Other pizzerias also worth trying are the Sports Bar (51 Carrer Ample),  Madre Lievito (1 Carrer de la Llacuna) and Mammamia (230 Carrer de Pallars).


MASSIMO – Top Italian Quality

Massimo - Italian restaurants in Barcelona



This charming Italian restaurant in the Sarriá-Sant Gervasi neighborhood, on 217 Via Augusta is among Barcelona’s most reputed. It boasts a cozy terrace and quaint decor. Its strongpoint is, without a doubt, the quality of the products, which chefs use to create dishes that are 100% Italian. Perhaps you may not recognize anything in the menu, but is there anything better than discovering what they truly eat in a different country?  Drop by and get ready to travel to Italy without leaving your seat. Perfect for a romantic evening.


BACARO – Travel to Venice through Your Palate


Bacaro - Italian restaurants in Barcelona



Would you like to dive right into Venetian gastronomy? If so, then, Bacaro is the restaurant you are after.  This Venetian tavern is close to the Boquería Market (6 Carrer de Jerusalem) with a truly charming atmosphere. It’s the perfect location to visit with friends to get away from the tourist trap that are the nearby Ramblas. Their star dish? The sautéed mussels and their house pasta. And if you are after true Venetian flavor, don’t miss out on their sarde in saor.



GIORGIO BARCELONA – A Piece of Italy in the Center of Barcelona

Giorgio barcelona - Italian restaurants in Barcelona


Another Italian restaurant that is very popular with Barcelonans is Giorgio Barcelona. Located in the center of Barcelona, on 3 Carrer d’Ausiàs March, this restaurant offers a highly varied menu with salads, pasta dishes, appetizers, pizzas, and much more. Moreover, they also offer a lunchtime menu for 13 euros. The décor is stunning and they use top quality ingredients. This restaurant has all the makings of the ideal place for a meal in good company.


DA GRECO – The Best Risotto of Your Life


If you fancy a good risotto, don’t hesitate: head over to Da Greco Restaurant, a beautiful place in Rococo style located in the Gracia neighborhood (10 Carrer de Santa Teresa). Its rooms are ideal for family meals and company dinners, and it’s also great for surprising your partner. Besides their risotti, among which we can recommend their Parmesan, their pasta dishes are also delicious. It’s sure to convince even the hardest skeptics.


We’re now really hungry. Are you? Don’t wait any longer and try one of these Italian restaurants in Barcelona!


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Do you know any other Italian restaurants in Barcelona worth trying? Leave us a comment!