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Aranyszarvas Restaurant Budapest

Aranyszarvas is the restaurant of three young gastronomy experts that will surprise all their clients with their sophisticated techniques.

Café Kör Restaurant Budapest

Café Kör has a cosy lounge that allows one to fully relax with the best wines and exquiste dishes in the whole city.

Restaurant Pierrot Cafe Budapest

Pierrot Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Budapest, with the modernest of food and of European sophistication.

Kacsa Budapest

Kacsa means duck in Hungarian and, for that reason, it´s not hard to deduce which is the predominant dish in this restaurant.

Gundel Restaurant Budapest

Gundel is a historical restaurant that opened its doors in 1910 and is part of the city´s culture, where well-known celebrities go to sample its delicious cuisine.

Fortuna Restaurant Budapest

Fortuna is one of the most famous and luxurious restaurants in the city. There´s a reason why it´s won so many gastronomic and wine awards.

Szent Jupát Restaurant Budapest

Szent Jupát opened in 1989 and it´s known for its large and delicious homemade portions and, also, for its extensive and exquisite wine list.


Csalogány is famous in Budapest for having the best traditional dishes with a modern twist and, also, an affordable menu for tourists.

Arany Kaviár

Arany Kaviár is a Micheling Guide restaurant and you can eat the best dishes accompanied by the most important wines in the world.

Tabáni Terasz

Tabáni Terasz has four spaces where people can enjoy their meals and cocktails. It´s also got a cellar with the best wines in the region.