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Kacsa Budapest

Hungary is a country that seems that, on an architectonical level, it stayed behind in the 18th century, where Gothic buildings were the most common. For that reason, walking around the city is a true pleasure that not many cities in the world can give the tourist. But walking and seeing a city, as everyone knows, can make one very hungry and for that reason this recommendation is a spectacular restaurant.


The restaurant´s name is Kacsa, which means duck in Hungarian. For this reason it´s no secret which is the predominant dish at the restaurant. But as well as the exquisite dishes made with this meat, there are also plenty of others for those who aren´t the biggest fans of duck so that they can enjoy the place too.


Obviously, Kacsa also has a large wine list both of whites and reds, with which you can accompany the different dishes. These wines come from the best cellars in the world so it all depends how much money the client wishes to spend.


Some of the most famous dishes are the duck stew, although there are specialities for absolutely all tastes that the chef of the place is in charge of preparing himself.


If you want to visit Kacsa you can rent apartments in Budapest and, also, see an incredibly beautiful city.