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Essential Restaurants in Budapest

In this post we’ll find out what restaurants are most popular with travelers: Budapest’s essential restaurants.

The Pleasure of Cooking Anywhere in the World

This post is aimed at travelers and not simply tourists. I have always liked more the word “traveler” better than “tourist.” In any case, it’s clear that finding accommodations with a kitchen is a better way to feel more integrated. It forces you to go grocery shopping and bump into people in the midst of their usual routines. Staying in accommodations with a kitchen has many advantages and to demonstrate these we’ll take Budapest, Hungary, as an example. Apartment Primula in Budapest It is becoming increasingly common to experience new cities away from the hotels full of tourists. Renting an apartment is a great option for just about anyone. It´s fast, easy and reliable. And the biggest advantage is undoubtedly having a kitchen at your disposal. Enjoying good food, with recipes from your home or local ones, is always a good plan. But cooking yourself is the best way to save money while traveling, since you don’t have to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, of course, in touristy areas the food will likely be more expensive. Renting an apartment used to be more of an option for long trips, but now this has changed considerably and renting an apartment for a few days is both advisable and comfortable. Hungary and its capital Budapest are known for their delicious goulash, a dish which is really quite easy to cook and really quite tasty. If you think you’d like to try to make this stew with a very special Hungarian twist yourself, we’ll tell you how. Here are the ingredients : beef (1 and a half kilos, cut into...

Starkebab török étterem Budapest

Starkebab török étterem is a great place to enjoy the best Turkish food in Budapest. Fast food with the best flavour and the best service.

Arriba Taqueria Budapest

The best tacos, quesadillas and burritos with the most authentic Mexican flavour in Budapest can be found at Arriba Taqueria.

Coffee Cat Budapest

For a good time in your agitated and fun visit to Budapest, nothing better than a good coffee and the great flavour of the delights that Coffee Cat offers.

XO Bistro

A modern place of high quality to delight one self at any time of the day.