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Gundel Restaurant Budapest

In Budapest there are many restaurants, but if what you want is to visit a typical one where you´ll be able to eat all the typical Hungarian dishes, one of the best to do so is Gundel. This restaurant opened its doors in 1910 and, quickly, became a meeting place for politicians, members of the bourgeoisie and high class.

Eating at Gundel was, at that time, a symbol of social status, because sportsmen, actors, writers and the most respected figures of society went every day. Gundel became famous quickly mainly for two reasons: one of them was the hospitality and the good vibe that the owners ran the place with and, also, the exceptional cuisine.

The pioneer work that Károly Gundel, the founder of the place, put Hungary on a pedestal and it positioned it as one of the countries renown for having dishes of exceptional quality. That exceptional experience at the time of eating at Gundel continues today, and the food that they present is absolutely exquisite.

If you´re a lover of good food, visiting Gundel while you´re in Hungary is a must. To do so, all you need to do is rent apartments in Budapest