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Csalogány is a restaurant in Budapest and those who go to its dining room will end up completely astounded. This place, in comparison with other restaurants, is really new and only has 5 years experience but its arrival on the Hungarian gastronomy scene without doubt changed things because, bit by bit, it became one of the favourites.


The street where it´s located doesn´t have any attraction and while you walk through it until you get to the restaurant it´s impossible to imagine that such dishes await and a really affordable price.


In Csalogány the chef Balázs Pethö had a lot of success at the time of reinventing Hungarian cuisine. What he did and why he became famous was that he took the old ingredients and dishes of the traditional cuisine and gave them his personal and modern twist. In fact, he´s one of the chefs that stands out the most in what critics call “new Hungarian cuisine”.


One of the reasons why it´s visited by practically all tourists and locals that there are in the city of Budapest is that the menu is really affordable and the excellent dishes that are prepared can compare to those of the best restaurants.


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