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Where to Do Your Shopping in London

London is a shopping paradise that is just around the corner. This guide will let you choose the best route to do your shopping in London.

Thai Square Spa London

Thai Square Spa brings all the relaxation techniques which are used in the spas in Thailand to London. If you want peace, this is your place.

Spa London

Spa London is one of the best centres where you´ll be able to relax and enjoy a wonderful experience in one of the most important cities in the world.

Daylesford Organic London

Daylesford Organic have been offering ecological and organic products for over 25 years in their stores in London.

Sainsbury´s London

Sainsbury´s is one of the most famous supermarket chains in London and there you can buy anything, from food to electronic equipment. Everything that you need.

Shopping Centre Vasco da Gama

Shops, cinemas and restaurants with a terrace over the Parque das Naçoes and the Taugus river. Located in front of the Oriente train station.

Camden Market

Camden Market is visited by more than 100 thousand people every weekend and it´s a tourist attraction that offers food, clothes and curiosities.


Topshop is a very modern shop in the city of London that dresses women from head to toe with an elegant but casual style. Impossible not to visit it.

Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market is the best fashion place in London where you´ll find some of the most exclusive designer clothes in the city. You have to visit it.