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6 Top Reasons to Travel to London

Whether on your first visit, or whether you know the Tube map like the back of your hand, traveling to London is always a joy. The truth is that England’s capital has an air of magic about it that envelops you from the minute you step out of the plane. But if you remain unconvinced, here is our list of reasons that make London that must-see that we can never get enough of.

1. Because you will learn the true meaning of the word POLITE


Stereotypes abound for good reason, and they often hold a certain degree of truth in them. Such is the case of the British and their polite, refined manners. But it just so happens to be one of those stereotypes we are amply grateful for when visiting the city. You feel it right away: people offering to help you buy train tickets; waiters giving you their full attention and best smile; and people making way for complete strangers on escalators, so those in a rush can get through. Small gestures that make life a little more pleasant- an example we should all take home.

2. Because you will discover that all the world’s a stage

street performance

And not in vain did William Shakespeare grow up in this land. The high value Londoners’ place on general culture and art deserves full admiration. Wherever you go, art is ubiquitous in any of its myriad forms. From the world-famous West End musicals, flooding city streets with posters and fliers prompting you to go to the show, to the street performances of Covent Garden and Portobello Road, passing through the edgy venues of Liverpool Street. In fact, you’ll find it a challenge to leave London without having borne witness to any of its shows or performances.

3. Because getting around is just wicked easy

liverpool street

One of our main concerns when visiting foreign cities is getting by easily from here to there, without having to resort to private transport. London makes things easy in that sense. It boasts a well-structured underground network with many connections between tube lines, and even a circular line, Circle Line, which literally circumnavigates the city center. Not to mention its legendary red double-deckers that besides bringing you to your destination, prove to be an excellent option for a quick tour of the city, and all from the comfort of your second storey seat.

4. Because you will feel as if in a Disney movie

mary poppins

101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins… London has served as central backdrop to so many Disney classics that we can’t help but let our minds reenact some of their best scenes when out wandering through its streets and parks. And if Disney is right down your alley, this is your chance to visit Europe’s largest Disney store, a true dream come true for some.

5. Because you will find everything you are looking for

portobello market

While vintage flea markets are in vogue lately all over Europe, we can’t forget that London is historically renowned for being one of the world’s capitals of street trading and second hand finds. Stalls as popular and busy as those of Portobello Road and Camden Town coexist with the likes of Brick Lane, Borough Market, Old Spitalfields, and Broadway Market. A bit of planning will go a long way to letting you explore them all in just 4 days, so you can take home a cargo-load of authentic vintage treasures.

6. ¿And why not?

london big ben

If you have read this far, we have no doubt you can’t wait to discover, or rediscover, the magnificent town that is home to the Big Ben. There where something is always happening and new surprises await around each bend. The city where you have, more than once, pictured yourself living in, taking Afternoon Tea. The city that shines even when the sun does not.

¿Ready and rearing to go to London Town?  ¿And why not?

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