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Where to Do Your Shopping in London


London is one of those cities that has everything for everyone. But even more so for those who love shopping. Many have joined the trend of fashion-travelling, or what is the same, going on trips exclusively dedicated to renewing their wardrobe and setting fire to their credit card. And obviously, London is a shopping paradise that is just around the corner.

But, where to start? Don’t fret. This brief guide, area by area, will let you choose the most convenient route for you.

Oxford Street

The city’s big artery is a melting pot of tourists, locals, all types of characters, and fashion travelers from all over the globe. Some of the brand names that stand out and well deserve a visit to fill bag upon shopping bag are: Marks&Spencer near Marble Arch, Topshop, in a huge building on the corner with Regent Street, and Primark, the giant trunk that Londoners and foreigners flock to when it comes to filling their wardrobe.

Regent Street

Located in the West End, this is a long street that changes name as it passes through Waterloo Place and Oxford Circus. It’s on a par with Oxford Street as a reference point when it comes to shopping in London, as high street names have set up some of their best windows here, in addition to being a must-see for the sheer beauty of its buildings and facades. And of course, if you go to London for Christmas, you’ll be literally dazzled by this street.

Covent Garden

The most popular part of Covent Garden is its peculiar gallery below a large roof in the middle of the square. Inside, it harbors wonderful secrets that the most discerning ones among you will value beyond the usual designer boutiques.

Portobello Road

The gem of Notting Hill and a mandatory stop, whether shopping or not.  Everything in Portobello Road is unique: its people, its antiques, and its festive atmosphere. This vintage flea market with over 100 years of history is the place for everything, from collector coins and buttons, to the leather jacket you’ve been dreaming of since you last watched Grease.

It’s well-worth getting up early on a Saturday to be one of the first on the scene and slowly take in the spectacle that is Portobello Road.

Camden Town

Camden exudes the essence of the most subversive and punk London. Meters and meters of shops and street stalls selling second hand clothing, bizarre designs, and tattoo & piercing parlors. There are two markets, one after the other; first, The Camden Lock and then, Market Stables. A true spectacle that may bewitch you to the point that you end up walking away with some unconventional accessories.