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Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market is the most fantastic fashion place that you can find in the city of London. It´s a six-storey building (a basement, ground floor and four floors) where you can find all the art of fashion together in a “beautiful chaos”, according to the manager of this place.


It´s called market because its structure is informal and because there, many designers and artists from around the world of fashion congregate to exhibit their clothes to sell them. But in reality it´s more of a window shop to London´s fashion than a market. There we can buy what we can´t find on the street, that exclusive garment, super nice and cool that will look so good on us.


There are shops for all tastes, on each floors there are various stands with different designers with different offers, but always with a fantastic elegance and style.


Every person who likes fashion, man or woman, can find what they´ve wanted to buy for a long time in Dover Street Market.


You can´t miss seeing this wonderful fashion market that´s in the city centre. Rent apartments in London and you´ll be able to visit it.