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The Venice Biennale – Venice’s International Film Festival

Ready for the Venice Biennale? The foremost international art exhibition is almost here. The year 1985 marked the inception of the Venice Biennale, which serves the purpose of promoting contemporary artistic endeavors and its new trends at a global level every two years. Although the event itself spans all artistic disciplines (art, architecture, film, dance, drama, music), we are going to focus on its film event, held annually. The Venice International Film Festival is an 11 day-long event held annually in Venice’s well-known Palazzo del Cinema, from Wednesday September 2nd to Saturday September 12th, 2015. The Venice International Film Festival One of the highlights of this event is, without a doubt, the amazing display of well-known faces and dazzling celebrities as they walk down the red carpet, making it the perfect opportunity for fans to get a close-up look of their idols. Just picture that Johnny Deep we are used to watching on screen, or in the role of that handsome Caribbean pirate parading right before our very eyes. I can still recall how starstruck I felt when I was lucky enough to see Richard Gere in the flesh as he walked down the red carpet during a previous edition of the Festival. He walked right over to shake my hand and say, “Hi, how’s it going?” And though I’d much rather have had the Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, it was rather memorable, nonetheless. Surely the reader can conjure up images of their favorite celebrity; someone they dream of meeting, and perhaps they will be present at this very edition of the International Film Festival. The Film Festival...

Discovering the true essence of Venice

Few cities in the world have as much to offer in terms of culture, art and tourism as Venice. Its special, cozy and cheerful atmosphere, combined with its impressive architecture, which whisper in your ear a small piece of its great history, have made this beautiful Italian city a tourist destination you must visit before you die. Exploring Venice as a regular tourist is a piece of cake, because wherever you go, you’ll find architectural and historical places of great value. However, for those folks who are always looking for adventures out of the ordinary, we’ve compiled a few sites to visit that will help you discovering the true essence of the city.   Photo: Moroder  The Giudecca You haven’t heard about the Giudecca? You´re missing a lot, if you like being part of the local life while traveling. The Giudecca is a quiet group of islands located on the south of Venice (just 5 minutes by ferry). Considered as the perfect place to get away from the bustle of the city, these islands are the perfect place to enjoy a walking tour around its traditional streets. Renting a holiday apartment in Giudecca is one of the best choices of accommodation in Venice, thanks to its tranquility and less expensive prices in comparison with the most tourist places of the city. Osteria al Portego The Osteria al Portego is the ideal place to explore the Venetian culture from a gastronomical perspective. This traditional tapas bar is small and very frequented by locals, because it is out of most tourist places of the city. Famous for its delicious “cicchetti” (Italian...

Campo Santa Margherita, Venice

If you’re looking for a real Venetian experience, look no further than Campo Santa Margerhita. This bustling Italian courtyard is the social hub of the Dorsoduro district, and at any given time you’re bound to find something going on there. The square itself isn’t all that impressive; however, it’s a peaceful spot, dotted with a few trees and benches. The long open courtyard is surrounded by cafes, bars, offbeat shops and even some private residences – a number of which date back to the 14th century. The buildings enclose the space, making it feel warm, sheltered and friendly. Perhaps that’s what draws so many people to visit and chat.   Photo: Miles Heller The great thing about Campo Santa Margherita is that it’s a local hangout more than a tourist attraction. Far from the hawkers and trinket vendors of the big tourist spots, the Campo hosts a weekday market and a largely local clientele. People show up all throughout the day. Some come to shop for produce, bread, or other daily essentials at the market stands. Some come to browse and window shop at the trendy boutiques. Some come for a leisurely lunch or an afternoon coffee. It’s really the heart of the neighborhood, and you’re sure to find something happening late into the night – even when everything else in Venice is closed down. Right in the middle of the Campo Santa Margherita, you’ll find a flowing water fountain, engraved with a depiction of a mermaid. Fountains like this are common throughout the city’s campos, and while they’re certainly lovely, they’re more than just decorations. Bring a bottle with...

Venice without Barriers

The center of Venice seems too complex, difficult and impassable for people who suffer from a physical or sensory impairment. There are more than a hundred islands connected by over 400 bridges, and it may seem impossible to get aroung on them, as though they serve as authentic architectural barriers. (Photo: Steve A Johnson) But that’s not entirely true. Most of the monuments and bridges can be visited and frequented without much trouble by people with mobility problems. Some guides offer tips and advice to enjoy Venice, with routes recommended by Venetians themselves, who know firsthand about this sort of problem and the best solutions. Probably the most complete and highly recommended itinerary is to first visit the Mariciana Area, including St. Mark´s Square and all the buildings that are there, especially the Palazzo Ducale and the major Italian museums . One usually begins with a trip by the vaporetto no. 2, which allows you to get off at San Marco Giardinetti. But there is another route that lets you see much more, with minimal barriers to wheelchairs, that allows you to see additional notable buildings in the city. Take the bus no. 1 from the bus station (Piazzale Roma) or the train station (Ferrovia) until the stop Marco Vallaresso. When you get off, you arrive at the Campo San Moise and the church of the same name. To access it, there is only a small step. Continuing to the right and you’ll reach the Piazza San Marco, the true heart of Venice and its most famous landmark. There you’ll find the Palazzo Ducale, the Doge´s Palace, and several...

Venice for Children

There are many destinations to visit this summer. The beach, the countryside, historic cities etc. Many opportunities await you during the holiday season to be discovered, while exploring a new world of experiences; ranging from food, rides, romances and drinks. Traveling is to recognize yourself as a different person in a whole new place.   When you reach the age to start a family, surely you’ll realize that in addition to live with our family, we also have to travel with them. What a surprise! The truth is that as with many other changes in life, exploring the world with children can be a wonderful and enriching experience for both parents and children. When it comes to a city like Venice, you can find many options that will make your children and yourself to spend a fantastic time! Among the most famous “family friendly” restaurants in Venice, there is “Al Vaporetto”, which is located on the way to Campo Manin. Their dessert menu is very delicious to please your children, especially their cakes, and pies of different flavors. In this restaurant, apart of the several vegetarian options you’ll also find Pizza and spaghetti. Another very good option if you want to have a fun family time is “Pizza con Gusto”, which serves delicious pizzas in the Lido area. In Lido, you can also rent bikes with your children, you’ll be at the fingertips of the sea, so, don’t miss the opportunity to go with your kids to the beach and play around in the sand. The sea has always given joy to children and adults. To arise the curiosity...

Costume rental Venice

At Marega you can find carnival costumes for men and women with all the accessories you can imagine. Costumes for sale and rental.

Venice Bike Rental

Venice Bike Rental, as its name indicates, offer bicycles to rent. The company has its base on the Venetian island of Lido, right in front of St Marco´s Square.

Bugno Art Gallery Venice

In the heart of Venice, in San Marco´s Square, we can find Bugno Art Gallery, with a good selection of contemporary sculptures and photographs.