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Costume rental Venice

The traveller has arrived in Venice. The city unfolds in front of him and her. It´s the end of winter and the city´s famous carnival is coming. The streets dress up for the festival. Every now and then, a Venetian or a foreigner comes up dressed in these beautiful costumes taken from an 18th or 19th century film.


The traveller is astonished with the silk, the brocades, the embroidery, the wigs, the masks and all the artistic details of these peculiar costumes while he is taken back with an irresistible desire to see, for a few hours, another person, of fitting into one of these aristocratic costumes and see, dressed like this, the streets of Venice.


Don´t get nervous dear traveller, because for that we work every day in this guide, to make your stay in the best destinations in the world more enjoyable. If in your apartments in Venice the street rumble filters through the windows, you just have to go to one of the Marega stores.


There you can find masks, hats, shoes and even the sophisticated brocade costumes (for him and her) that bring colour to this impressive party. They are available to rent or on sale, in case you like what you see and you want to take it back home.