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Discovering the true essence of Venice

Few cities in the world have as much to offer in terms of culture, art and tourism as Venice. Its special, cozy and cheerful atmosphere, combined with its impressive architecture, which whisper in your ear a small piece of its great history, have made this beautiful Italian city a tourist destination you must visit before you die.

Exploring Venice as a regular tourist is a piece of cake, because wherever you go, you’ll find architectural and historical places of great value. However, for those folks who are always looking for adventures out of the ordinary, we’ve compiled a few sites to visit that will help you discovering the true essence of the city.


discovering-true-essence-venicePhoto: Moroder 

The Giudecca

You haven’t heard about the Giudecca? You´re missing a lot, if you like being part of the local life while traveling. The Giudecca is a quiet group of islands located on the south of Venice (just 5 minutes by ferry). Considered as the perfect place to get away from the bustle of the city, these islands are the perfect place to enjoy a walking tour around its traditional streets. Renting a holiday apartment in Giudecca is one of the best choices of accommodation in Venice, thanks to its tranquility and less expensive prices in comparison with the most tourist places of the city.

Osteria al Portego

The Osteria al Portego is the ideal place to explore the Venetian culture from a gastronomical perspective. This traditional tapas bar is small and very frequented by locals, because it is out of most tourist places of the city. Famous for its delicious “cicchetti” (Italian version of tapas) and its house wine, this restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere where you’ll be able to experience a little of the locals’ daily routine. Don’t forget to book a table before coming, if you want to enjoy your cicchetti sitting around locals, because there are only 7 tables available. If you haven’t made any reservations, but you happened to be in the surrounded area, come and mingle with locals at the bar. You’ll have a great time!

Address: Calle della Malvasia Castello 6014, Venice, Italy (Castello).

Michela Rizzo Gallery

The increasingly famous Galleria Michela Rizzo is the perfect place to discover the artistic and most alternative face of Venice. Located in the same apartment of the owner, this small gallery showcases conceptual avant-garde artists from Venice through a full program of interesting exhibitions throughout the year.

From the 30th of May to the 31st of August, Michela Rizzo Gallery displays an interesting exhibition by the artist Antoni Muntadas called Veneziani Protocolli I, which is based on the identification of the so called Venetians protocols from a social and political view, while discovering through images the rules governing life in the city.

If you are a person who likes discovering the most interesting artists of the city you are traveling in, this charming gallery worth a visit.

Address: Palazzo Palumbo Fossati Fondamenta della Malvasia Vecchia S. Marco 2597, 30124 Venezia, Italy.