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Venice Bike Rental

We´re in the Web 2.0 era and all the services can be comfortably hired from home via the internet, just like this bicycle rental company in Venice.


Perhaps during your stay in Italy you get tired of walks, gondolas or boats (whose addresses you can also find on this guide) and that you feel like riding a bicycle.


Well, if that´s the case, you just have to go to the island of Lido, right in front of St Marco´s Square, and pick up your two-wheel vehicle.


Lido boasts about its thermal spa past (it´s the location of ´Death in Venice´ by Thomas Mann and also where the film with the same name was filmed)  and aristocratic recreation areas.


It has a fine sand beach where you can sun bathe and go in the water.


Even though your apartments in Venice might not be in the island that belonged to aristocracy, such as Murano for example, it´s easy to hire a transport that goes through the Venetian Lagoon.


Once you´re there you can visit the place pedaling on your bike enjoying this beautiful Italian region full of art, good craft shops, magic, romanticism, exquisite food and better wine.


Dear traveller, you couldn´t ask for more in one single place!