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Parque Warner Madrid


Flickr: Iñaki Lopez

Many travellers decide to take their whole family with them and, despite enjoying the children´s company, many times they get bored because they have nothing to do or don´t enjoy visiting the museums or the monuments as much as the adults. But, if you´re in Madrid, there are various attractions that the kids will enjoy a lot. One of them is undoubtedly Parque Warner.


Like many will have thought due to its name, Parque Warner has as its main theme all the cartoons, superheroes, films and creations of the Warner Bros. company, so those who go there can enjoy rides with Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner, Batman, Superman, Catwoman and many others. At the park there are shows for kids, the whole family and for adults as well, so while the children have fun somewhere in the park, the parents can have fun too.


On their webpage there are always different special discount offers, whether it´s for ticket prices or for different places such as the restaurants and games, so pay attention to it before going there.


All you have to do to visit the park is rent apartments in Madrid and spend a wonderful time with your whole family.