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Barcelona Cooking

Mediterranean cuisine at its best

If someone asked anyone from Barcelona, which is the best market in the city, they most likely would mention La Boqueria. This market has been open since 1836 and has over 300 stalls that sell anything from fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and also other delights that are a must on a Spanish dining table. It´s definitely the most popular market in the city, perhaps also thanks to its location: right on the Ramblas. As you go down from Plaça Catalunya, La Boqueria is on the right-hand side and its entrance with coloured tiles is an invitation to everyone to come inside to this temple of fresh produce.

This is why many locals come here to be their ingredients to cook their meals and there´s no denying that Spanish cuisine is one of the best in the world. If you´re lucky enough to be a local, you will know the recipes like the back of your hand but visitors who come to Barcelona usually have to do by going to restaurants and sampling the exquisite gastronomy there. Once they go back home, they attempt to recreate the dishes but it never tastes the same… until now. If you´re a fan of cooking and you´re a particular fan of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, Barcelona Cooking is an unmissable activity that you will have to undertake during your time in Barcelona.


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Its location couldn´t be more authentic: on the Ramblas themselves. Located just a one-minute walk from the Boqueria, Barcelona Cooking offers cooking classes, wine tastings and tours around the Boqueria so that its guests can become acquainted with the full Spanish and Mediterranean gastronomic experience. Barcelona Cooking prides itself on offering a state-of-the-art kitchen and traditional Spanish recipes that you will prepare taught by professional chefs and with fresh local ingredients – bought in the Boqueria, of course!

Barcelona Cooking will get you to prepare four different courses, such as different tapas and paella, washed down with a delicious Rioja wine. If you´ve never cooked in your life, don´t worry because Barcelona Cooking has cooking classes for different levels, whether it´s the first time you´ve entered a kitchen or whether you are a cooking expert. There are two classes per day from Monday to Saturday and each of them lasts from three to four hours. It´s also a chance to meet other likeminded people during your trip to Barcelona, people who share your passion for cooking and with whom you can later enjoy eating everything you´ve prepared.

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If you book with Only-apartments, Barcelona Cooking offers you a 10% discount on its cooking classes, a perfect combination that will not only allow you to save money but that will also bring you the authentic local Barcelona experience. You will have the freedom of your apartment and the knowledge of the local cuisine. Of course, you will be allowed to take the recipes with to later impress everyone back home.

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