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Red Garter

Red Garter is probably one of the most famous American-style bars in Florence. In this place you´ll find sufficient space and room to have a drink relaxed enough if you´re with your partner or have a lot of fun if you´re with you friends.


The place is full, above all, of people who come from English-speaking countries and many go to the bar to enjoy the matches of the different sports that they show on the giant screens.


The music that sounds is the mainstream one that broadcasts on many radios where they play pop and some weekends different DJs of relative importance turn up. The organization of the place is to present different options for the clients. Mondays and Thursdays are Karaoke night, Saturdays live music and Sundays they televise the most important sports matches and, Tuesdays, the favourite: Beer Pong night where, who wins, takes all the alcohol for free (as well as being happy hour for all participants).


The place isn´t ideal to eat but like in all places there are some things that stand out, like American-style grilled meat, hamburgers fried chicken, chips, onion rings and more.


You can rent apartments in Florence and enjoy this interesting bar.