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Cheap and chic cocktail bars in Florence

Enjoying the nightlife in a city like Florence is something not exactly cheap. This article is aimed at giving information about the cheapest, yet elegant bars in the city. These are places that you can visit with a tight budget, but also where you can still enjoy an elegant atmosphere as the more fancy ones. Eco-conscious cafes or nightclubs with live music and great dance floors. The important thing is to have fun. So here are some useful tips.


“Chic” and “cheap” Bars in Florence:

Pub Angie

Pub Angie is very popular among young creative guys and I say creative, because it is frequented by art students. In fact the walls are full of indie art, old Polaroid photos and antiques. This is a meeting place for potential artists seeking a way out in this magnificent city. There, they exchange views while enjoying the live music. Drinks and cocktails come very cheap. This place is definitively recommended.


Vegetarians will feel at home at PopCafé. This is a very bohemian bar located downtown Florence, specifically in the Piazza Santo Spirito. There you’ll be able to eat and drink at very accessible prices, something impossible in other vegetarian restaurants. PopCafé is very committed to the environment and sustainability. For example, they use energy saving light bulbs. They serve brunch, lunch and dinner. The night owls should try one of the natural fruit cocktails in the menu. The minimalist decor of the room matches the simple spirit of its kitchen. It is Simple, but very tasty at the same time.

The Red Garter

The Red Garter serves a wide range of good beers at good prices. The menu is extensive and holds an American style. Here you’ll enjoy live music and karaoke  and is the ideal place to meet friends. There is a great dance floor and best of all, the rates are quite affordable. So every weekend it attracts dozens of young people, many of them of Erasmus.

La Cité

La Cité is a library bar. It´s funny, because once you have couple of drinks, at a great price, you can read a book or speak about classic literature. The bar is a library. This is certainly a place where you’ll meet smart people, including politicians and writers who are looking for some inspiration. This is also a space to taste a fine wine. You’ll love it, really. Here you can also enjoy the best of Jazz.

The Lion´s Fountain

The Lion´s Fountain is a typical Irish Pub. It is always busy and is well known, because their prices are particularly cheap. Many Americans go there to get drunk on beer. It´s the sort of place you must visit when you want to know your drinking limits. At The Lion´s Fountain the party is assured.

Florence is generally quite expensive. So I hope you found this piece of advise useful. Try to avoid the most touristic places of the city, which is plenty of overcharged places. Don’t forget that Florence can be cheap too.