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Reina Sofía Museum

The Reina Sofía Museum is, undoubtedly, one of the most important in the city and in Spain. The building is a former hospital which was remodelled and that, in 1992, opened its doors converted in a museum.


The building is known for the two panoramic windows that it has in its façade and, in 2005, it added a large extension designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel.


Many of the collections and works that you can enjoy in this museum were transferred from the Prado Museum and it is now a place full of contemporary and modern art treasures.


Two of the floors are dedicated exclusively to temporary exhibitions while in the other two floors you can enjoy the permanent exhibitions that cover the abstract period, the pop period and minimalist art.


But if there is a work that gets all the attention is, without doubt, the painting called “Guernica” by the artist Pablo Picasso. But aside from “Guernica” there are also many other works from artists like Dalí, Miró and Solana amongst many others.


If you want to, you can find Madrid accommodation and walk around the four floors of this stunning museum.