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Rolling Kitchens in Amsterdam

Eating outdoors is one of the great advantages of the spring and summer. After a bleak, gray winter with lots of snow or rain, walking outdoors when the weather improves brings back our energy, puts a smile on our faces and makes us want to start traveling again. Everyone knows that spring is probably one of the best seasons for travel inEurope. Not only can one find good offers for flights, but there’s also an end to the bad weather. The return of flowers and the greening of the trees make discovering a new place – and its plazas, buildings and parks – more pleasant.

rolling kitchens amsterdam


Life returns to the streets ofAmsterdamduring the spring and summer. Even though the city is one of the liveliest inEurope, its winters are rather harsh and snowy. In the spring, however,Amsterdamis bustling and most definitely worth a trip for several days or weeks. Its museums, galleries, public spaces and canals are a favorite of many travelers who meet in this city in search of adventure.

Once the weather improves, cities likeAmsterdamoffer new experiences which can be found in its streets, outdoor cafes, restaurants, bars, music, culture and outdoor art.Amsterdamis so much more than the coffee shops and red light district. While many travelers pass through this city in search of heightened emotions and an intense nightlife, it is also possible to spend a warm and relaxed time in this beautiful city. Therefore, after four successful years of fun every spring, Rolling Kitchens is once again returning to serve delicious food from their mobile kitchens for a fifth edition. From May 17 to 20, food trucks and mobile kitchens of all makes will offer every kind of food imaginable. They meet in the Westergasfabriek park, transforming the park into a large, diverse outdoor restaurant.

The Rolling Kitchens menus are very diverse. You can try everything from sandwiches and burgers to exquisite dishes made with seafood, desserts or even exotic drinks, all at considerably reasonable prices. Rolling Kitchens offers the perfect excuse to spend a beautiful evening outdoors with friends and family or as a couple. There is no admission fee to enter Rolling Kitchens. And if you go at night, you might be able to catch one of the outdoor movies playing while you enjoy your favorite dish. Rolling Kitchens is open from 1 pmto 11 pm. The Westergasfabriek park is located about 30 minutes from Amsterdam’s main train station. For more information about this tasty event, visit the following website: http://www.rollendekeukens.nl/