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Roxy is a very popular club to go out to drink and have a good time with friends in the city of Prague. Located on Diouha Street, it´s in the heart of the city, very close to the old town square, which makes it easy for young tourists to go there to enjoy the night.


You could say that Roxy club is a favourite among the locals of the city of Prague and that automatically makes it into a very sought after club for tourists who, not only want to have fun, but also get to know new people that live in the city that they´re visiting.


That way, and thanks to the relaxed and disorganized atmosphere that there is in Roxy, many friendships start there and tourists go home happy because they were able to learn a bit of the language, danced and got to know a bit of the culture.


Something that stands out from this club is that the inside is a bit neglected, which seems done on purpose because it wants to give a disorganized image that has nothing to do with anything modern. That´s how the music they play fits perfectly with the atmosphere and the great patios that the club has.


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