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Milan is a wonderful city that aside from having museums with tremendous history and some of the world´s most important works and monuments, it also has some of Italy´s most relevant restaurants.


One of these places is called Savini, that opened its doors over a century ago. Giuseppe Verdi, Ernest Hemingway and Charles Chaplin were only some of the important people that passed through its dining room to enjoy the best traditional Italian food.


And the term traditional isn´t only based on the dishes but in everything in general. The place has a decoration that seems to transport the visitor to a dream place that disappeared years ago. Large chandeliers, a lot of luxury and shine and exquisite meals are the distinction of Savini.


The chef, Alessandro Chiesa, is in charge of the kitchen and preparing dishes that everyone already knows but that rediscover themselves every time you try them because they´re truly unique. Also, the wine list is extensive and it has the best options to accompany these meals.


The place, as you can imagine, isn´t one of the most affordable in the city, but it is unique so it´s a pleasure that everyone should have. You can rent apartments in Milan and enjoy Savini, one of the best restaurants in the city.