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Happy hour: The Route of the Milanese Aperitif

The city of Milan is the birthplace of the aperitif par excellence. This social event that is a point of pride for Italians has now been exported to countless parts of the world. But when we talk about the Milanese aperitif, we are not talking about having a little bite before lunch, but before dinner. And that is why every evening, most of Milan’s bars offer their so-called happy hour, where you can eat to your heart’s content and only pay for drinks. It doesn’t sound too painful, does it? Milanese aperitif hour starts at 6pm, and it can stretch out until dinner time.

Sei Strambio Trattoria in Milan

At the Sei Strambi Pizzeria you will find the most varied Italian pizzas with original recipes and an oven that cooks all its pizzas with firewood

Don Carlos Restaurant Milan

Don Carlos, as well as having some of the most delicious dishes, also possesses a decoration that makes reference to the beginnings of opera.

Il Luogo Di Aimo E Nadia Restaurant Milan

Il Luogo Di Aimo E Nadia specializes, from years ago, in traditional cuisine. What also stands out is that it presents many works of art on its walls.

El Brellin Restaurant Milan

El Brellin is ideal for those that love eating in candle light. It´s also ideal for wedding receptions, business dinners, private parties or romantic meals.

Chandelier Restaurant Milan

Paintings, atmospheres with a spectacular decoration and large chandeliers make Chandelier restaurant into one of the most glamorous ones in Milan.

Trussardi Alla Scala Restaurant Milan

Trussardi Alla Scala is an elegant restaurant with design and unique dishes. The place has become in one of the most important restaurants in Milan.

Teatro alla Scala – il Marchesino

Teatro alla Scala – il Marchesino is a restaurant located in a theatre that has the best dishes that you can sample and, because of that, it´s in the Michelin Guide.

Cracco Restaurant

Cracco Restaurant becaome quickly into one of the best in Milan and it currently has a place in the Michelin Guide.


Savini is one of the oldest, most luxurious and oustanding restaurants in Milan. Visit it and enjoy the best traditional foods.