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Schoenhauser Allee Arcaden Shopping Centre Berlin

Berlin is a city full of history, and all the tourists who land there look to have fun as well as seeing everything related to the Second World War, such as the concentration camps and all the monuments related to the subject. Many of them also want to go shopping and have a good time with their family, friends or partner, and enjoy a nice walk.

One of the best places to go if you want to have plenty of options in shopping is, definitely, Schoenhauser Allee Arcaden. There, you can enjoy hundreds of shops, most of which are dedicated to fashion, design, sports, food, cafés and everything that an important German shopping centre must hold.

The shopping centre is located in the city centre and, for that reason, getting there is easy. You can get there on public transport and, if you rented or have a car, you can also park it in the shopping centre car park.

If you want to visit the German city, all you have to do is rent apartments in Berlin and enjoy Schoenhauser Allee Arcaden as well as all of the city´s museums, parks and different attractions.